Used phone

Buying a used phone has many benefits, including

What to look for when buying a new phone?

The most important thing to look at when buying a used
phone is the warranty. Nearly all used phone stores offer a 3 to 12 month
warranty. However, with different conditions. All these sites claim to sell
“reconditioned” devices, i.e. memories that have been stripped of the
previous owner’s data. The hull, the screen and the battery… replaced if
necessary. However, you may observe malfunctions in the operation of your
“new” used phone. Therefore, remember to ask for warranties to cover
potential problems. It should be recognised, however, that some dealers are
“fair play” and will be happy to offer you support in the event of a
problem even if you have no guarantee.

Please note, however, that the consumer code allows you
to reconsider your purchase decision within 7 days, without having to provide
any explanation. So, it would be best to use this time to test all the
functions of your new device. If you want to save a few extra euros, buy a “simlocked”
phone, a phone that can only be used by your operator.

Where to buy your future mobile phone?

Many sites specialising in the sale of second-hand
phones have invaded the second-hand mobile phone market in recent years, which
until a few years ago was the preserve of private individuals. With discounts
ranging from 30 to 70%, an additional bonus, these professionals offer a secure
service that fascinates a constantly growing clientele.